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Advancement Record for AaronK

Scout To-Do
Scout Done
Tenderfoot To-Do
Tenderfoot Done
Second Class To-Do
Second Class Done
First Class To-Do
First Class Done
Star To-Do
Star Done
Life To-Do
Life Done
Completed 03/21/17
Eagle To-Do
2. Live by the Scout Oath and Law and name 6 people willing to provide a recommendation.
6. Take part in a Scoutmaster conference.
7. Successfully complete an Eagle Board of Review.
Eagle Done
1. Be "active" in the Troop for 6 months after reaching Life.
3a. Earn a total of 13 Eagle-required merit badges.
  Environmental Science (from Star/Life)
  Swimming (from Star/Life)
  Citizenship in the Nation (from Star/Life)
  Camping (from Star/Life)
  Citizenship in the World (from Star/Life)
  Family Life (from Star/Life)
  Cooking (from Star/Life)
  Personal Fitness
  Emergency Prep
  First Aid
  Personal Management
  Citizenship in the Community
3b. Earn a total of 8 "other" merit badges.
  Archery (from Star/Life)
  Athletics (from Star/Life)
  Small-Boat Sailing (from Star/Life)
  Sculpture (from Star/Life)
  Rifle Shooting
  Extra: Climbing
  Extra: Wood Carving
  Extra: Shotgun Shooting
  Extra: Forestry
  Extra: Leatherwork
  Extra: Textile
4. While a Life Scout, serve actively in a position of responsibility for 6 months.
5. Plan, organize, and supervise an Eagle Service Project.


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